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Bill to Require Alphanumeric Driver Licenses Clears Senate
mp3 (Sen. Jolley says SB 24 would prevent inadvertent identity theft.)
Senate to Begin Live “Webcast” of Sessions
mp3 (Senate Communications Director Malia Bennett discusses new webcast service.)
mp3 (Senate Executive Assistant Cindy Sullivan says it will help her and her Senator's constituents.)
mp3 (Senate Communications Specialist Adrianne Covington recorded live via
Senate Republican Leader Glenn Coffee discusses week 3 of the 2005 session. 02.24.05
First Meeting of Women’s Caucus A Success
mp3 (Sen. Wilcoxson says it's very exciting that women from both houses can
work together across party lines on important women's issues.)
mp3 (Rep. Ann Coody says the Women's Caucus is a great opportunity for women
who have so much in common to work together.)
Senate Finance Chair Says Working Families Deserve Responsible Tax Structure 02.24.05
mp3 (Sen. Gumm says that the Legislature must take a responsible approach to funding state government.)
State Senate a ‘Graveyard for Good Legislation’
mp3 (Sen. Coffee says the State Senate is a graveyard for good legislation.)
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds points out that only 1 out of 30 finance bills passed was a Republican measure.)
mp3 (Sen. Brogdon notes that public support for the TABOR bill was greater than for the Marriage Protection Act.)
Sen. Nichols “Outraged” by Vote to Let Child Molesters Have Cell Phones in Prison 02.22.05
mp3 (Sen. Nichols says he is outraged over the vote to let inmates
keep their cell phones.)
With Third Straight Unanimous Vote Senate Sends Henry’s Higher Ed Bond Issue Proposal to House
mp3 (Sen. Morgan discusses the Senate's passage of the Higher Ed Bond Issue.)
Extension of Quality Investment Act Clears Senate Finance Committee
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich says bill will help assist other manufacturing companies in Oklahoma.)
Leftwich Authors County Reform Bill in Senate
wav / mp3 (Sen. Leftwich says HB 1945 was the result of citizen outrage over the disbanding of the county budget board.)
mp3 (Rep. Shelton discusses HB 1945.)
GOP Committee Members Beat Back Democrat Effort to Legalize Voting for Felons
mp3 (Sen. Lamb says he's opposed to allowing felons on probation or parole to vote.)
Senate Republican Floor Leader Glenn Coffee discusses Week 2 of the 2005 Session
Lawmakers Author Bill to Provide Nursing Homes with Sex Offender List
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich says that SB 870 will provide nursing homes with sex offender  list.)
Senator Lawler Authors Legislation to Improve Oklahoma Agriculture Lab Facilities
mp3 (Sen. Lawler says that it is imperative that a new Ag Lab be
built for the safety of the workers and all Oklahomans.)
Senator Coffee's End of Week Q & A Session
mp3 (Each week during the session, Republican Floor Leader Glenn Coffee would like to make available a Q & A looking back on the week’s events and looking ahead to key issues for the next week. These will run from 4.30 to 5 minutes and may be used in part or in their entirety.)
GOP Senators Voice Opposition to Forced Consolidation of Schools
mp3 (Sen. Laughlin says Senate Republicans are against forced school consolidation.)
mp3 (Sen. Myers says forced school consolidation would devastate rural schools and  communities .)
mp3 (Sen. Coates says the best way to lose a community is to close a rural school.)
mp3 (Sen Justice says consolidation should be left up to local school districts.)
mp3 (Sen. Ford says that parents, teachers, principals & school boards know what's best for their children.)
mp3 (Sen. Barrington says without rural schools there can be no rural development.)
Higher Education Bond Issue Approved by Committee
mp3 (Sen. Crutchfield discusses subcommittee's passage of higher ed bond
Senate Democrats’ HOPE Plan Clears First Hurdle
mp3 (Sen. Gumm says HOPE tax cuts have cleared first hurdle.)
Senator Corn Calls for Back-to-Back Trooper Academies
mp3 (Sen. Corn says it is imperative that the state get more troopers into the field by June to ensure the safety of Oklahoma's citizens.)
Senator Coffee: Glad to Hear Henry Adopt GOP Proposals
mp3 (Sen. Coffee discusses his reactions to State of the State.)
Senate Leaders Respond to State of the State Address
mp3 (Senate leaders respond to State of the State Address.)
Senate Oklahoma’s Newest Wi-Fi Hot Spot
mp3 (Senate Communications Director Malia Bennett explains the Senate's
wireless technology.)