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September 2004 NEWS AUDIO CLIPS

Laster Proud of Senate’s Efforts
mp3 (Sen. Laster says Senate's work is done.)
mp3 (Nat sound - Board of Managers Chairman Frank Davis & Presiding Officer of the Court Joseph M. Watt.)
Sen. Reynolds Announces New U.S.S. Oklahoma Exhibit
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds says exhibit at Arizona museum is great, but still pushing for U.S.S. Oklahoma
Senate Sets Date for Impeachment Trial
mp3 (Sen. Laster says trial date set.)
mp3 (Sen. Fisher makes motion to accept articles of impeachment.)
State Legislators Begin Interim Study on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
mp3 (Senator Daisy Lawler discusses why she requested an interim study on grandparents raising grandchildren, a crisis that is sweeping Oklahoma, as well as the rest of the nation.)
Senators Rabon, Lerblance Call for Grand Jury Probe of Oklahomans for Lawsuit Reform 09.02.04
mp3 (Senators Richard Lerblance and Jeff Rabon discuss their request for a multi-county grand jury investigation into Oklahomans for Lawsuit Reform and react to that group’s response)

News Audio Clips