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Sen. Reynolds Urges Oklahomans to Petition Inhofe
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds asks Oklahomans to contact Sen. Inhofe.)
Art in Public Places Act’ Goes to Governor
mp3 (Sen. Williams talks about Arts in Public Places Act.)
Senate Approves Measure to Bring Firearm Manufacturing Jobs to State
mp3 (Sen. Gumm says SJR 54 is an economic development tool.)
Former Dem Governor Walters Attempting to Stop Vote of the People on ‘Marriage Protection Amendment’
mp3 (Phone message from Former Governor David Walters asking Oklahomans to call House Speaker Larry Adair and demand that he kill HB 2259.)
Movie Piracy Act Signed
mp3 (Sen. Coffee discusses move piracy law.)
Legislation to Strengthen Sex Offender Law Signed by Governor
mp3 (Sen. Gumm says it was imperative for the sake of Oklahoma's children that the sex offender bill be signed into law.)
U.S.S. Oklahoma Memorial Supporters Express Frustration
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds tells the story of the USS Oklahoma and it's survivors.)
mp3 (Paul Goodyear, head of survivor's association, says the survivors of the USS Oklahoma are
getting the run around from the Navy and Parks Department for a memorial.)
mp3 (Sen. Cain debates Marriage Amendment.)
Senate Passes Marriage Protection Amendment
mp3 (Sen. Williamson discusses the marriage protection amendment.)
Senator Calls Animal Rights Groups “Phonies”
mp3 (Sen. Frank Shurden says animal rights groups don't care about chickens.)
Mary Easley Sworn in as State Senator
mp3 (Sen. Mary Easley talks about her new position.)
Legislators Say Cock-Fighting Law Needs To Be Changed
mp3 (Rep. Rebecca Hamilton says the law is unfair and Oklahomans did not realize what they were voting for.)
mp3 (Oklahoma NAACP President, Roosevelt Milton says where there is inconsistency in the enforcement of law, there is discrimination.)
mp3 (David Puente, President of LULAC, says this is part of our heritage and Oklahoma needs to jump towards the future and stop being backwards.)
mp3 (Sen. Shurden says the law should pertain to fighting, not mere possession.)
Sen. Wilcoxson Calls Helen Cole Her Mentor
mp3 (Sen. Wilcoxson Calls Helen Cole Her Mentor)
Teacher Health Insurance Measure Passes Senate
mp3 (Sen. Corn says HB 2662 will help keep Oklahoma competitive with other states in obtaining and keeping teachers.)
Survivors, Doctors Educate Lawmakers On Need for Statewide Trauma Care Network
mp3 (Dawn Layne said without trauma care, she'd have lost both daughters in a car accident.)
Senate to Vote on Breast/Cervical Cancer Treatment Bill
mp3 (Sen. Debbe Leftwich discusses the importance of the Cancer Treatment Bill.)

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