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Committee Protects Posting of National Motto
mp3 (Sen. Laster believes that Oklahoma schools are within their rights to display the national motto, but he also knows there are many teachers and administrators who are concerned that they could wind up in court if they do.)
OKC Community College to Dedicate Keith Leftwich Memorial Library March 25
mp3 (Sen. Debbe Leftwich says reading was one her husband's favorite hobbies and he carried his love for reading to his family and to others in the community.)
Dem Leaders Refusing to Allow Chairman to Hear Workers Comp Bill
mp3 (Sen. Williamson says Democrat Leadership will not let HB 2619 be heard in the Judiciary Committee.)
mp3 (Sen. Pruitt questions Democrat Leadership on thier plans to stop job flight, increase capital and create jobs in Oklahoma.)
mp3 (Sen. Pruitt says Oklahoma is losing hundreds of jobs every year from multistate companies who do not want to locate in Oklahoma because of the current workers comp system.)
Legislative Leaders Name House, Senate Members To General Conference Committee on Appropriations
mp3 (President Pro Tempore Cal Hobson talks about the GCCA and the budget process.)
Senate Finance Committee OKs Tobacco Tax Legislation
mp3 (President Pro Tempore Cal Hobson discusses the tobacco tax).
Vote of the People on Fuel Tax Increase Clears Senate Committee
mp3 (Sen. Milacek discusses proposed vote on fuel tax increase.)
Bill to Allow National Motto in Schools in Danger Unless Dem Leaders Allow Hearing
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds discusses purpose of HB 1048.)
mp3 (Sen. Riley says the bill will let schools know that it is okay to post the National Motto without fear of lawsuits.)
mp3 (Sen. Wilcoxson says the bill has not been heard because the Democratic Leadership is afraid to discuss any conservative issues such as family, faith or marriage.)
Andy Rooney’s Ridicule: Democrat Inaction Leads to National Embarrassment for Oklahoma
mp3 (Sen. Laughlin discusses Rooney's comments and why Democrats are to blame.)
Senate Approves “Trooper Nik Green” Meth Bill
mp3 (Sen. Wilkerson says HB 2176 will make it harder for meth manufacturers to get the pseudoephedrine they need to make the drug.)
Dean of Legislature Doubts Dem Leaders Will Allow Meaningful Lawsuit & Workers Comp Reforms
mp3 (Sen. Ford doubts there will be any meaningful lawsuit and workers comp reforms this session.)
Book on Capitol Art Nominated for Awards
mp3 (Sen. Ford pleased with book award nominations.)
Landmark Workers Comp Reform Passes House of Representatives
mp3 (Rep. Peterson commends the House leadership for their historic victory in passing HB 2619.)
mp3 (Sen. Pruitt discusses bill and challenges Governor Brad Henry and the Senate Democrat leadership to support the legislation to save Oklahoma jobs.)
Bill Requiring CPR Training in Schools Approved
mp3 (Sen. Aldridge debates for SB 1474.)
Senate Gives Unanimous Approval to Bill Aimed at Computer Child Porn
mp3 (Sen. Coffee says SB 1091 is needed to fight computer child porn.)
Senate Appropriations Chairman Announces Pay Raise Plan for State Employees
mp3 (Sen. Hobson and Sen. Morgan discuss the Senate's two-phase plan to raise state employee's
pay and the general appropriations bill.)
Senate Approves Bill to Keep Jobs in Oklahoma
mp3 (Sen. Jay Paul Gumm explains SB1247, a measure that will help keep jobs in Oklahoma.)
Legislation to Strengthen Sex Offender Law Clears Senate
mp3 (Sen. Jay Paul Gumm discusses proposed changes to strengthen Oklahoma's sex offender
registration law.)
Senate Approves Bill Creating Oklahoma School of the Arts
mp3 (Sen. Snyder says SB 1501 will create the Oklahoma School of the Arts, a school similar to the  Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.)

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