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Career Tech Reform Bill Passes Senate
mp3 (Sen. Corn says that SB 1112 is designed to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility to the
career tech system.)
Governor’s Help Sought to Withdraw Marriage Protection Amendment
mp3 (Sen. Williamson explains his letter to Gov. Henry asking for support to withdraw SJR 38 out of committee for a vote on the Senate floor.)
Movie Piracy Act Clears Senate
mp3 (Sen. Coffee talks about Movie Piracy Act which has cleared the Senate.)
Pilot Program to Help More Oklahomans Earn Bachelor’s Degree
mp3 (Sen. Maddox explains new pilot program for a bachelor's degree in Applied Technology.)
mp3 (Sen. Hobson praises efforts of Sen. Maddox and higher education officials for making making this program a reality.)
mp3 (UCO President, Roger Web explains the purpose of the pilot program.)
Senate Votes to Save Horse Racing Industry, Provide State Regulation of Tribal Gaming 02.18.04
mp3 (Sen. Dick Wilkerson and Sen. Pres. Pro Tempore Cal Hobson talk to reporters after Senate passage of SB 553.)
Painting of African-American Hero Dedicated
mp3 (Sens. Ford and Williams, Judge Robert Henry and Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher's son, Bruce Fisher.)
Senate Honors Sooner Football Star
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich honors Strait's accomplishment, while Strait thanks the Jim Thorpe Association.)
Senate Leader Hails Streaming Audio as a Success
mp3 (Sen. Hobson discusses launch of streaming audio from Senate, House chambers.)
Henry, Hobson Putting Oklahoma At Risk for Same Sex Marriage
mp3 (Sen. Williamson says Gov. Henry and Sen. Hobson should help defend traditional marriage.)
Senate GOP Leader Responds to State of State Address
mp3 (Sen. Williamson says the governor failed to mention some of Oklahoma's top priorities.)
Senator Hobson's Comments on Gov. Henry's Second State of the State Message 02.02.04
mp3 (Sen. Hobson calls Gov. Henry's speech "uplifting.")

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