Ms. Wheelchair America Honored at State Capitol 07.31.03
mp3 (Cinda Hughes says she is proud of her job and her new title.)
mp3 (Senator Hobson tells Hughes that she is a courageous and valued member of the Senate staff.)
Senator Coates Comments on Wrangler Announcement to Cut Nearly 700 Jobs 07.28.03
mp3 (Sen. Coates comments on Wrangler cutting nearly 700 jobs in Seminole.)
Senator Leftwich says High Speed Rail One Option in Meeting Future Transportation Needs 07.16.03
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich says it is critical to start looking at transportation options, including high speed rail service now.)
Two Oklahoma Senators Named to National Homeland Security Advisory Council 07.15.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson comments on the importance of having two state senators appointed to the advisory council.)
Senator Myers and Congressman Lucas Seek Federal Assistance for Atmospheric Research Site 07.15.03
mp3 (Sen. Myers says ARM site in rural Grant County needs federal support for road improvement.)

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