Senate GOP Leader Grades Session C+ 05.30.03
mp3 (Senate Republican Floor Leader James A. Williamson discusses 2003 session.)
Hobson Says Session ‘Qualified Success’ 05.30.03
mp3 (Senate Appropriations Chair Mike Morgan discusses 2003 session.)
Senate OKs Legislation to Save Horse Racing Industry 05.29.03
mp3 (Sen. Wilkerson, who carried SB 553 on the floor, says measure would help tribes, horse industry, and generate $30-40 million in state revenue.)
Changes on Cockfighting Penalties on Hold Until 2004 05.29.03
mp3 (Sen. Shurden says he'll hold SB 835 until 2004 session.)
Legislature Gives Final Approval for International Trade Center Bill 05.29.03
mp3 (Sen. Nichols comments on passage of international trade center bill.)
Senate OKs Smoke-free Workplace Bill 05.28.03
mp3 (Sen. Robinson discusses SJR 21, which is aimed at smoking in public places.)
Senator Monson Says Federal Economic Recovery Plan Will Soften Oklahoma’s Budget Shortfall 05.23.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson discusses impact of federal economic recovery plan on Oklahoma.)
Bill Calling for Task Force on Barge Safety Signed 05.22.03
mp3 (Sen Robinson says task force will make safety recommendations to prevent further bridge tragedies.)
Republican Leaders Concerned About Lack of Bipartisanship as Legislature Nears End of Session 05.21.03
mp3 (Sen. Williamson expresses concern about lack of bipartisanship in final days of session.)
Oklahoma City Chosen for 2007 National Legislative Conference 05.20.03
mp3 (Sen. Capps announces CSG annual conference will be in Oklahoma City in 2007.)
Finger-Imaging Bill Signed by Governor 05.16.03
mp3 (Sen. Kerr says SB 423 will help protect against identity theft.)
SB 360 Would Authorize Temporary Fishing Permits 05.15.03
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds says temporary fishing permits are good for Oklahoma families.)
New Law Aimed at Protecting Disabled from Losing Homes 05.13.03
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds explains his measure to protect the homes of disabled Oklahomans who owe property taxes.)
Defeat of Teacher Protection Bill Victory for Trial Lawyers 05.12.03
mp3 (Sen. Pruitt says he's disappointed that the Senate did not pass SB 346 .)
Senate Republicans Oppose House Dem Sales Tax Increase, Challenge Henry and Senate Dems 05.08.03   
mp3 (Sen. Williamson says new taxes would hurt Oklahoma's economy.)
“Zone of Safety” for Children Sent to Governor  05.08.03
mp3 (Sen. Nichols explains new "zone of safety" law.)
Senator Leftwich Election Bills Signed by Governor 05.07.03
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich explains the benefits of moving up primary and run-off election dates.)
Governor Approves Hepatitis C Task Force 05.05.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson talks about Hepatitis C task force bill signed into law by Governor Henry.)

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