Public Education Funding Increasing by $113 Million in FY04, to Highest Total Ever 04.30.03
mp3(Sen. Williamson explains that with all revenue sources, common ed will have highest funding levels ever.)
Senate Gives Final Approval to Charity Raffle Bill 04.30.03
mp3 (Sen. Shurden explains that SB 837 would allow raffles if a lottery is approved.)
Bill to Protect College Savings Becomes Law 04.29.03
mp3 (Sen. Morgan explains how SB 312 protects funds in Oklahoma College Savings Plan accounts.)
Senator Hobson Comments on Investigative Audit Of the Underground Storage Tank Indemnity Fund 04.29.03  
mp3 (Sen. Hobson comments on tank fund audit.)
Senator Leftwich Passes Presidential Primary Bill 04.28.03
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich explains the purpose of moving Oklahoma's presidential primary date.)
Republicans Offer ‘Minimum Standards’ for Successful Tort Reform 04.24.03
mp3 (Sen. Williamson, Rep. Hiett, Rep. Ericson and Sen. Pruitt speak about Republican standards for tort reform.)
Governor Signs Bill Aimed at Canning Unwanted Computer Spam 04.22.03
mp3 (Sen. Coffee says SB 660 is aimed as unwanted spam.)
Confederate Flag Bill Clears Senate 04.22.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson discusses bill to determine where the Confederate flag should be displayed.)
Senator Starts Teacher Appreciation Program 04.17.03
mp3 (Sen. Aldridge talks about how he began his teacher appreciation program.)
Senator Reynolds Says Increasing Hunting and Fishing License Fees a Bad Idea 04.16.03
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds says fishing permit fee hikes are too high for families.)
Education Funding Bill Adds $80 Million To Public School Appropriation for FY 2004 04.16.03
mp3 (Senate Appropriations Chairman Mike Morgan says Senate passed two historic education measures.)
National Expert on Teacher Tort Protections Visits Oklahoma in Support of SB 346 04.15.03
mp3 (Sen. Pruitt and tort reform expert Leah Lorber speak about bill to protect teachers from frivolous lawsuits.)
For Second Time, Senate Democrats Thwart GOP Attempt to Lower Tax Burden on Oklahoma Seniors 04.14.03  
mp3 (Sen. Coffee talks about Senate Democrats' latest move to block measure giving seniors tax relief.)
Senate Approves Measure to Exempt Schools from Some State Mandates During Financial Crisis 04.14.03
mp3 (Sen. WIlcoxson discusses HB 1382, which would grant emergency exemptions for certain mandates.)
Senate Democrats Thwart GOP Attempt to Lower Tax Burden on Oklahoma Seniors 04.10.03
mp3 (Sen. Coffee talks about Senate Democrats' move to block measure giving seniors tax relief.)
GOP Senator Questions Teacher Union’s Opposition to Teacher Protection Bill 04.09.03
mp3 (Sen. Scott Pruitt urges passage of bill that protects educators from frivolous lawsuits.)
Gov. Henry, Legislative Leaders Announce Final Budget Agreement 04.08.03
mp3 (Senate Appropriations Chair Mike Morgan and President Pro Tem Cal Hobson comment on agreement.)
mp3 (Senate Appropriations Chair Mike Morgan says the shortfall means serious cuts will be made.)
GOP Initiatives a Key Part of State Budget Agreement 04.08.03
mp3 (Senate Republican Leader James A. Williamson discusses reforms included in budget agreement.)
Senator Nancy Riley Coordinating With DEQ/Fire Marshal On Glenpool Tank Fires 04.08.03
mp3 (Sen. Riley says her office in contact with DEQ, ConocoPhillips to coordinate information.)
Prison Reading Pilot Program Signed Into Law 04.08.03
mp3 (Sen. Lawler says bill will create program to teach inmates to read through phonetics.)
Sen. Cliff Aldridge and Ciara Mitchell talk on the Senate floor about how Ciara saved her classmate's life 04.07.03
mp3 (Sen. Aldridge and Ciara explain how she used the Heimlich maneuver.)
Senator Morgan Comments on Effect of Education Budget Agreement on Final Weeks of the Session 04.04.03
mp3 (Senator Morgan praises the attitude of legislators during the current session.)
Senate Republican Leader James A. Williamson On Education Budget Agreement 04.01.03
Senate Appropriations Chairman Mike Morgan On Education Budget Agreement 04.01.03

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