Artist Mike Wimmer Says He's Honored to Create Capitol Painting 03.31.03
mp3 (Mike Wimmer says he was honored to create the painting depicting a part of Oklahoma history.)
Senator Ford Dedicates Painting of President Teddy Roosevelt Signing Statehood Proclamation 03.31.03
mp3 (Helmerich Foundation chairman Walt Helmerich says he was happy to be able to give back to the Capitol.)
Senator Says Insurance Lobby Killed Privacy Bill 03.31.03
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds talks about insurance companies and his privacy legislation.)
Senator Monson Urges Passage of HB 1278 03.26.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson urges Senate to pass HB 1278.)
Senate OKs Emergency Prison, Health Care Funding 03.24.03
mp3 (Sen. Appropriations Chair Mike Morgan on emergency funding approved by the senate.)
Senate Bill to Provide Clarification for State Teachers 03.18.03
mp3 (Sen. Corn explains SB 715.)
Senate Committee Approves Bill For Public Vote On Education Lottery 03.18.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson says HB 1278 ensures new dollars for education and protects against class III tribal gaming.)
Senate Committee Approves Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Bill 03.17.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson explains why the Catastrophic Health Emergency bill is needed.)
Senator Smith Authors Bill Expanding Victims', Witnesses' Rights 03.17.03
mp3 (Senator Smith explains Victims', Witnesses' Rights Bill.)
Senator Monson Hopes Task Force Will Raise Public Awareness of Hepatitis C 03.14.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson on the lack of awareness about Heaptitis C.)
Senate Bill to Protect Public Against Identity Theft Awaits House Action 03.13.03
mp3 (Sen. Riley discusses SB 721, aimed at reducing identity theft.)
Senate Approves Bill To Beef Up Penalties For Overpass Attacks 03.12.03
mp3 (Sen. Lawler discuss bill on overpass attacks.)
mp3 (Cindi Broaddus discusses overpass attack and the proposed law changes.)
mp3 (Cindi Broaddus says her case got national attention because of her brother-in-law, Dr. Phil McGraw.)
Senate Approves Vote Of The People On Cockfighting Penalties 03.11.03
mp3 (Sen. Shurden urges members to let the voters decide whether to change cockfighting penalties.)
Senate GOP Seeks to Break Fiscal Deadlock With ‘Common Sense’ Budget Proposal 03.11.03
mp3 (Senator Williamson Comments on Republican Budget Proposals.)
Senator Honors Homeland Security Secretary Ridge 03.10.03
mp3 (Sen. Monson on NCSL award for Homeland Security Sec Tom Ridge.)
Senate Approves Restrictions On Public Smoking 03.10.03
mp3 (Sen. Robinson discusses his measure restricting public smoking.)
Hobson: Williamson is Real 'Non-Starter' 03.04.03
mp3 (Sen. Hobson's response.)
Hobson’s Obstruction Leads to Teacher Layoffs 03.04.03
mp3 (Sen. Williamson says Sen Hobson's obstruction leads to teacher layoffs.)
Senators Say Incentive Legislation Pays Off in Expansion of Lawton, Ardmore Tire Plants 03.03.03
mp3 (Sen. Crutchfield says Michelin investment will quadruple as a result of legislation approved in 2002.)
Bill To Create Prison Reading Program Heads To House 03.03.03
mp3 (Sen. Lawler explains bill creating reading pilot program for prisons.)

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