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Oklahoma State Senate
President Pro Tempore
Senator Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City
State Capitol Room 422
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
(405) 521-5632

For Immediate Release: May 24, 2019

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Senate Pro Tem Treat speaks to reports at signing ceremony for the 2020 GA bill on Friday.
Senate Pro Tem Treat speaks to reports at signing ceremony for the 2020 GA bill on Friday.

Senate leaders give high marks to successful 2019 session
Huge education investment, government accountability, constitutional carry among highlights

Leaders in the Oklahoma Senate on Friday said the 2019 session was incredibly successful pointing to achievements like major investments in classroom funding and another teacher pay raise, transformational government accountability measures, increased funding for criminal justice reforms, the passage of constitutional carry, and many other successes.

President Pro Tempore Greg Treat said he was extremely proud of Senate Republicans for delivering on all four-points of their 2019 legislative agenda which included budget transparency, government accountability, education investment and reforms, and criminal justice investment.

“Senate Republicans kept our promise to Oklahoma by delivering on budget transparency, government accountability, education investment and reforms, and criminal justice reform investment. This year was capped by a terrific budget deal that makes significant investments in classroom funding, teacher pay raises, and criminal justice reforms. Senate Republicans also delivered on important policy fronts like constitutional carry, judicial redistricting, and workers’ compensation reforms. The totality of our work this session will bring positive, transformational changes and help make Oklahoma an even better state. I appreciate the members of the Senate Republican Caucus for working together toward the same goal and accomplishing great things for Oklahoma this year,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Kim David, R-Porter, said, “The 2019 session started off well with the passage of constitutional carry. We are ending on a high note with a terrific budget that makes investments in classrooms, teachers, state employees, criminal justice reform, mental health and so many other areas. Senate Republicans worked well together through the legislative process and delivered on our commitments to Oklahoma. I appreciate the professionalism and work-ethic of all members of the Senate, which made this session run smoothly and successfully. When we look back, this session will be judged as a tremendous success because of all the great policies and budget decisions that will move Oklahoma forward.”

Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Thompson, R-Okemah, said, “This year we produced a remarkable budget for Oklahoma that makes significant investments in areas like education, criminal justice reform, health care and mental health. I want to thank the Senate subappropriation committee chairs for their diligent and detailed work – going back to August – that brought this budget to life. I’m also proud that we passed big reforms like ‘pay for success’ legislation that will enable innovative public-private partnerships to improve the delivery of state services. Overall, this will go down as one of the most successful legislative sessions for our commitment to Oklahoma.”

*Indicates Senate Republican agenda item.

• $200 million in savings.
o Brings Oklahoma’s total savings at the end of this fiscal year to $1 billion.
• $29 million for a fund to preserve Medicaid provider rates during economic downturns.

• $157.9 million in increased funding for public schools:
o $74.4 million in new classroom funding
o $1,220 on average teacher pay raise
• $18 million for the CareerTech system for pay raises and course additions.
• $28 million for higher education for increased research and a professor pay raise.
• $7.5 million for concurrent enrollment.
• $5.5 million for the Reading Sufficiency Act.
• Increased classroom instructional time to benefit students (SB 441).*

• Series of bills giving governor the authority to hire/fire the director of five top state agencies (SB 456, SB 457, HB 2480, HB 2479, HB 2483).*
• Creation of the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency (SB 1) and $1.7 million appropriation to fund LOFT startup.*
• $37.7 million for a state employee pay raise of up to $1,500.
• $16.4 million for digital transformation of state services to improve customer service and enhance transparency.
• $700,000 to hire new auditors in the State Auditor’s Office.

• $1.1 million for wildfire mitigation and additional resources for rural fire fighters.
• $1.5 million to improve rural flood control dams.
• Advanced the production of industrial hemp in Oklahoma (SB 868/HB 2628).

• “Pay for Success” which encourages innovative public/private partnerships to help state agencies provide services without risking tax dollars (HB 2670).*
• $20.1 million to reform District Attorney office funding.
• $10 million for “Smart on Crime” mental health and substance abuse treatment programming.*
• $1.5 million for the Women in Recovery diversion program.*
• $1.7 million to expand drug courts options for nonviolent offenders.
• Protected Oklahomans’ Second Amendment rights via constitutional carry legislation (HB 2597)
• $4,000 raise for Department of Corrections employees “behind the wire.”
• Modernized the Oklahoma Supreme Court judicial districting maps to enlarge the pool of qualified candidates eligible to fill judicial vacancies (HB 2366).
• Preserved and strengthened landmark workers’ compensation reforms (HB 2367)

• $1 million for additional job growth and economic development in the automotive and aerospace industries through the Aerospace Commerce Economic Services (ACES) program.
• $1 million to help entrepreneurs and innovators through the Oklahoma Center for Advancement of Science and Technology.
• Created income tax credit for qualified software or cybersecurity employees (HB 2759).

• $2 million to decrease Developmental Disability Services (DDSD) wait list.
• $8 million to increase DDSD provider reimbursement rates by 4 percent.
• $4.6 million to increase immunizations and staff county health.
• Passage of testing/labeling requirements (“Unity Bill”) for medical marijuana (HB 2612).

• $2 million appropriation for two new veterans’ facilities.
• Designated Oklahoma as a Purple Heart State (SB 232).
• SB 931 creates the Revised Uniform Veterans Guardianship Act.
• Modified the Oklahoma veterans’ registry, and set the official launch date as Jan. 1 (SB 358).
• Enabled the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs to grant preference to veteran-owned business entities when contracting for goods or services (SB 135).
• Expanded benefits for the dignified interment of homeless veterans (SB 340).

• $30 million in funding for the County Improvement for Roads and Bridges (CIRB).
• Appropriations to fully fund Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s eight-year plan.

For more information, contact:
Sen. Treat: (405) 521-5565

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