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Oklahoma State Senate
Senate Democratic Leader
Senator John Sparks
Democratic Leader
Senate District 16
Cleveland County

For Immediate Release: March 22, 2017

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Sen. John Sparks
Sen. John Sparks

Oklahoma Senate Democrats comment on resignation of Ralph Shortey


The Oklahoma Senate Democratic caucus issued a statement Wednesday through their leader, Sen. John Sparks, D-Norman, commenting on the resignation of Ralph Shortey.

“We are aware that Ralph Shortey has resigned his seat in the Oklahoma Senate. We are glad he has submitted his resignation effective immediately and that he made this decision in a fairly prompt and straightforward manner.The people of Senate District 44 deserve a senator they can rely on and respect. They deserve to replace him with a senator who will be focused on the needs and concerns of southwest Oklahoma City as quickly as possible.Therefore, we are calling on the governor to promptly set a special election at the earliest possible date to fill Ralph Shortey’s now vacant seat.Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all those affected by this situation.”

For more information contact:
Sen. Sparks: 405-521-5553

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