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Oklahoma State Senate
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For Immediate Release: October 31, 2012

Sen. Patrick Anderson
Sen. Patrick Anderson

Anderson: Governor directs DHS Commission to throw disabled out on street

In a move not announced until Wednesday afternoon, Wes Lane, Chairman of the Oklahoma Commission for Human Services has placed a vote on the November 1 Commission agenda to close both the Northern Oklahoma Resource Center and the Southern Oklahoma Resource Center.
Sen. Patrick Anderson today said the result of the vote would be to force the state’s most vulnerable and severely disabled citizens out on the streets.

“For months now, the Governor has intervened and directed that the Commission not vote on a previously presented plan to consolidate the facilities into one,” said Anderson, R-Enid. “Now, with no warning, the Governor has clearly given the direction that a vote take place on a new plan that would close both facilities.”

Anderson noted the fact that the DHS Commission will most likely be dissolved after the Nov. 6 election should not be overlooked.

“Clearly the Governor wants the Commission to take the blame for the vote so she can avoid taking responsibility for this decision.”

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