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For Immediate Release: September 12, 2012

Pete Peterson, Chairman of the Oklahoma Veterans Council, presented Sen. Frank Simpson of Ardmore with the organization's "Senator of the Year" award Tuesday.
Pete Peterson, Chairman of the Oklahoma Veterans Council, presented Sen. Frank Simpson
of Ardmore with the organization’s “Senator of the Year” award Tuesday.

Senator Simpson receives ‘Senator of the Year’ Award from Oklahoma Veteran’s Council

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Veteran’s Council, made up of 24 veteran’s organizations from around the state, presented its “Senator of the Year” Award to state Sen. Frank Simpson for his outstanding dedication and hard work in authoring and promoting legislation supporting the state’s veterans and their families.

“It’s such an honor to be recognized by this great organization and my fellow veterans,” said Simpson, R-Ardmore. “As I have since getting into office, I will continue fighting for their rights and ensure they have a strong voice in the Capitol. We owe so much to these brave men and women, and we must be sure that we do all we can for them especially our elderly vets as well as those suffering emotionally and physically. God bless them!”

Since getting into office in 2010, Simpson has authored numerous veterans’ bills and helped get many others to the Governor’s desk. During the 2012 session, he authored the Oklahoma Medical Foster Home Act to help provide non-institutional, community-based care for aging and/or chronically/terminally ill veterans who are unable to live independently and do not have a caregiver who is able to manage their medical, emotional and/or psychosocial needs. He also coauthored a bill to extend a portion of the sales tax exemption provided to 100% disabled veterans to their unmarried widows. Another major bill coauthored by Simpson that was signed into law this year was one authorizing the Department of Public Safety to create driver’s licenses with a small flag in one corner, to serve as a designation of veteran status.

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