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For Immediate Release: March 27, 2012

Sen. Mark Allen
Sen. Mark Allen

Bill simplifying license requirements for portable building manufacturers clears committee

The House Appropriations and Budget Committee on Public Safety on Monday approved legislation that would allow portable building manufacturers to apply for a $500 permit once a year to cover one vehicle, rather than apply for an individual license for each transport.

Sen. Mark Allen, author of Senate Bill 1180, said the bill would ease a burden on Oklahoma businesses.

“This is a common-sense measure to remove the kind of bureaucratic red tape that costs our businesses time and money,” said Allen, R-Spiro. “There is just no good reason why such burdensome licensing requirements should apply to the transporting of portable buildings when we see these same size and type of vehicles every day on roads and highways around the state doing farm, ranch and construction work. This bill fixes that oversight and brings some much-needed simplicity to the process.”

The bill would allow manufacturers of portable buildings to deliver their products to display sites or to customers.

Allen said the loss of any fees associated with the licensing process would not adversely affect the state’s budget.

“The fees associated with the current licensing system have a limited impact on the state’s budget, but they can be make-or-break for our businesses,” Allen said. “Restructuring this license gives manufacturers incentive to reinvest and grow their businesses in Oklahoma.”

Senate Bill 1180 now advances to the full House Appropriations Committee for consideration.

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