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Oklahoma State Senate
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State Capitol
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

For Immediate Release: March 6, 2012

Sen. Dan Newberry
Sen. Dan Newberry

Heartbeat Informed Consent Act clears Senate

The full Senate on Tuesday approved a measure that would require abortion providers to inform patients they have a right to hear the heartbeat of their unborn child before it is aborted.

Senate Bill 1274, the Heartbeat Informed Consent Act, is authored by Sen. Dan Newberry. The Tulsa Republican said the measure is an important step forward in protecting the unborn.

“I authored this measure to give the unborn child at least one chance to speak with the only voice it has – its heartbeat,” said Newberry, R-Tulsa. “It’s important that we do everything in our power to establish a culture of life in Oklahoma – a culture that places protection of the innocent and vulnerable among its greatest priorities. This measure is another strong step in that direction.”

As amended by the author on Tuesday, SB 1274 will not require the patient to hear the heartbeat, but will require the physician to inform the patient of their right to have the fetal heartbeat made audible.

“I’m grateful to my colleagues who stood with me today, and helped send a message that we value the sanctity of life,” Newberry said. “I believe every life has value and is sacred. It is my hope we can continue to make our state a safer place for the unborn.”

SB 1274 now advances to the House for consideration.

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