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Oklahoma State Senate
President Pro Tempore
Senator Brian Bingman, R-Sapulpa
State Capitol Room 422
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
(405) 521-5565

For Immediate Release: February 7, 2012

Senate Republicans Unveil Legislative Agenda

The Senate Republican Caucus on Tuesday released their agenda for the 2012 session. Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman said this agenda continues the priorities outlined in the 2011 session, which focused on jobs, streamlining government, and protecting core services.

"We’ve made tremendous progress in the passage of legislation that has helped create jobs and boost Oklahoma’s economic recovery. That work continues this session," said Bingman, R-Sapulpa. “Our agenda is pro-growth with a renewed dedication to government that is smaller, simpler and smarter, while still protecting services vital to our citizens.”

Senate Republicans identified six public policy areas important to the success of their pro-jobs, pro-growth agenda.

1. Jobs and the economy
• Take a thoughtful approach as we seek an aggressive yet responsible reduction of the state income tax
• Identify and eliminate ineffective taxes, credits and fees
• Reduce and repeal burdensome state regulations which hinder job growth
• Oppose overreaching federal regulations

2. Education
• Honor our current commitment to Oklahoma’s National Board Certified personnel
• Promote greater parental choice in education, including quality online and virtual course offerings
• Increase the number of Oklahomans with degrees and industry certifications

3. Health and human services
• Address the challenges involved in providing for children’s issues such as infant mortality and foster care
• Increase the number of doctors and health care professionals in underserved areas throughout Oklahoma
• Work for Oklahoma alternatives to federal health care mandates
• Promote the healthy reintegration of our returning war veterans

4. Public Safety
• Affirm protecting our families and children from violence as a top priority
• Support effective alternatives to incarceration such as drug courts and veterans’ courts
• Combat the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs

5. Government
• Remain committed to reducing the size and scope of government
• Examine proposals that consider public needs and economic development issues related to Oklahoma’s water future
• Maintain our state owned buildings, property and other important assets

6. Transportation infrastructure
• Remain committed to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s eight year plan

"We know there are many challenges ahead, but Senate Republicans believe those challenges represent opportunities,” said Bingman. “We are committed to moving our state forward with an agenda that will create jobs and enable hard-working Oklahomans to keep more of what they earn. Through reform and greater efficiency, we can achieve that and continue our dedication to supporting the services that directly impact the quality of life for our citizens and communities.”

For more information contact:
Sen. Bingman: (405) 521-5605

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