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For Immediate Release: April 1, 2011

Sen. John Ford
Sen. John Ford

Senate approves House versions of Education reform bills

The Senate has given approval to two measures aimed at improving public education in Oklahoma. House Bill 2139 would ensure the State Superintendent of Education has clearly defined statutory authority over the operation of the State Department of Education. House Bill 1380 would end the process known as trial de novo.
Senate Education Chair John Ford  presented both bills on the floor Thursday. He said the legislation contains reform elements in Senate measures which have already been approved by the upper chamber.

“I think this shows the leadership in both chambers is serious about enacting reforms that will allow Oklahoma to address the most pressing concerns facing us in education, from ensuring success from the early grades in core skills, to improving our graduation rates,” Ford said. “That is our motivation for getting these measures approved in the 2011 session.”

Ford, who represents Craig, Nowata and Washington counties, said he was especially pleased to see both reform measures passed off the floor just one day after former Florida Governor Jeb Bush traveled to Oklahoma to express his support for the work being done here to improve public education.

“As Governor Bush has pointed out many times, our students are not only competing with one another and with students from other states, but they’re also competing with students from other countries. In the 21st Century, Oklahoma’s young people are increasingly going to be forced to compete globally for the best paying jobs,” Ford said. “Let’s give Oklahoma’s youth every opportunity to succeed.”

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