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For Immediate Release: February 3, 2011

Sen. Jim Wilson
 Sen. Jim Wilson

Sen. Wilson says legislation would create accountability for home-schooled children

            Although Oklahoma ’s constitution mandates compulsory education for children, the re currently are no laws to ensure home-schooled children are actually being exposed to educational materials.  State Sen. Jim Wilson has introduced two bills this session to ensure a level of accountability for children being taught at home. 

            “We don’t even know exactly how many children are being home-schooled, and the re is no way to verify that even minimum standards are being met,” Wilson said.  “My legislation would not impact the vast majority of parents who are providing a good education for the ir children—it simply establishes basic accountability to make sure some children are not simply being kept out of school and offered little or no education at all.”

            Wilson said under current law, if a parent or guardian simply says he or she is home-schooling, the court system cannot intervene.  Senate Bill 393 would allow a truant officer to investigate compliance with compulsory education to ensure children are being taught at home.  A companion measure, Senate Bill 394 would require a report at the end of each semester to measure the student’s academic progress.

            Wilson noted that during her campaign for State Superintendent, Janet Barresi voiced her support for all forms of choice in education, as long as the re is strong accountability. 

            Oklahoma law guarantees families the right to home-school the ir children. That will not change,” Wilson said.  “But as we strive to require even greater accountability in our schools to ensure children are getting the education the y need for college and the workforce, it just makes sense to have standards that make sure home-schooled students are getting the instruction the y need to succeed as well.”

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