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Oklahoma State Senate
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State Capitol
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For Immediate Release: March 10, 2010

Sen. Anthony Sykes
Sen. Anthony Sykes

Senate Advances Measure to Reign in Administrative Rules Passed by Agencies

The state Senate on Wednesday approved a bill that would prohibit administrative rules by state agencies from taking effect unless they are approved by the Legislature.

Sen. Anthony Sykes, author of the proposal, said the bill would eliminate emergency rulemaking and prevent state agencies from making law.

“Today’s vote was a victory for transparency and accountability in state government,” said Sykes, R-Moore. “Our goal is to ensure that state agency rulemaking and regulatory processes do not operate out of public view and remove procedures that lead to an unaccountable government. Removing the ability of bureaucrats to make law is an essential part of our effort to restore accountability in government.”

SB 1849 would amend the Administrative Procedures Act, by requiring the Legislature to approve or disapprove whether administrative rules adopted by state agencies could take effect.

“Anytime bureaucrats make law, the people lose their voice in government,” Sykes said. “Administrative rules should never be used to make substantive law. We’ve seen the fiasco with electric cars, the ridiculous rules on the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday and the mandate that all 4-H and FFA kids participate in the Federal Government’s site registration program.”

SB 1849 will now advance to the House for consideration.

“It’s time to put a stop to agencies running over the people of Oklahoma,” Sykes said. “Today’s vote is a step in the right direction to restore the people’s voice in government.”

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