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Oklahoma State Senate
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For Immediate Release: March 1, 2010

Sen. Kenneth Corn
Sen. Kenneth Corn

     Failure to Fund Senior Meals Programs Causes Collapse of 2010 Budget Fix    
Sen. Corn, Senate Democrats Force State’s Top Leaders Back to Budget Negotiating Table 

Sen. Kenneth Corn on Monday issued the following statement regarding funding for Oklahoma’s senior nutrition centers.

“The failure of Republican legislative leadership to provide less than $2.5 million needed to restore full funding to senior citizen meal programs statewide for the rest of the fiscal year is the main reason I voted against emergency clause legislation today that was designed to solve the state’s budget crisis.

Today, I and all other Senate Democrats have made our positions crystal clear. Senior meal programs should receive every penny of the money they need to feed every hungry senior citizen for the remainder of the 2010 budget year. Senior meal programs need to be fully funded in 2011. It is a sin and a moral crime not to help our senior citizens. I will not sit idly by while the leadership of this state condemns thousands of elderly Oklahomans to an unnecessary fate.

I have pleaded with the leadership to do what is right. It is clear by their actions to date that they have turned their backs on some of the most vulnerable and needy people in our communities. I urge the leadership to re-open budget talks, to include everyone in the process, and to come back with legislation that solves all of our most critical problems.

There is plenty of money in the state’s Rainy Day fund to save our seniors. At least 51 nutrition centers have closed because of state funding cuts and at least 161 have drastically reduced services. A total of nearly 800,000 fewer meals will be served from November of last year through June 2010 – unless the senior meals program money is restored. This tragedy can be stopped. We have the money to fund these critical programs. We must do what is right.”

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Sen. Corn: 405-521-5576


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