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Oklahoma State Senate
Senator Gary Stanislawski, R-Tulsa
State Capitol Room 427A
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
(405) 521-5624

For Immediate Release: February 9, 2010

Sen. Gary Stanislawski
Sen. Gary Stanislawski


The Senate Education Committee unanimously approved Senate Bill 2129 by Senator Gary Stanislawski, R-Tulsa, on Monday which would create the Statewide Virtual School Task Force.

The purpose of the task force is to explore the establishment of a statewide virtual school in Oklahoma. Certain aspects of the virtual school set to be researched by the task force include the enrollment process, types of courses to be taught, services to be provided, location of operations and funding.

Stanislawski said many states throughout the nation who have virtual schools have seen great improvement among their students and in education test scores.

“Students learn in different ways and in different classroom environments,” said Stanislawski. “Through advanced education opportunities like virtual school, students are able to focus and learn better with the elimination of distractions. We want our students to not just pass the material, but master it.”

Stanislawski added that taking this step is key in advancing Oklahoma’s education system and preparing our students to compete globally.

“Virtual schools provide a unique concept of education with rigorous material that I am confident will help raise our academic standards. I look forward to thoroughly researching this issue, so we can bring an effective, advanced learning tool to Oklahoma’s education system.”

Senate Bill 2129 now heads to the Senate floor.

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Sen. Stanislawski: 405-521-5624

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