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Oklahoma State Senate
Atoka, Bryan, Coal, Johnston & Marshall Counties

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For Immediate Release: May 14, 2009

Sen. Jay Paul Gumm
Sen. Jay Paul Gumm

Tort Reform Bill Includes Liability Protection for Gun Manufacturers

State Sen. Jay Paul Gumm said he was extremely pleased that a tort reform provision he had authored for several years was included in the lawsuit reform bill approved by the Senate on Thursday. The provision would prevent a gun manufacturer from being sued if their product was used in the commission of a crime.

“These are products that are legally manufactured and owned, and it just makes good sense to make sure this liability protection is part of our state law,” Gumm said. “We’ve come close to getting this proposal to the governor’s desk in the past, only to see it fall victim to politics. I’m very optimistic about its chances this year.”

The Democrat from Durant said most firearm manufacturing facilities are located in states hostile to gun ownership. In contrast, Gumm pointed out most Oklahomans are strong advocates of the second amendment right to own firearms.

“Whether it is for hunting or for self-protection, owning firearms is part of Oklahoma’s heritage and culture,” Gumm said. “In addition, we have one of the best gunsmith programs in the nation at Murray State College.”

Gumm said firearm manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar industry with high-paying jobs. Tort reform protecting manufacturers coupled with the program at Murray State College would give Oklahoma a greater edge in attracting those jobs.

“I’m exciting about the possibility we have to attract an important manufacturing facility to our state. The jobs and revenue such a facility would create would ultimately benefit all of Oklahoma.”

For more information contact:
Sen. Gumm's Office - 405-521-5586

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