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Oklahoma State Senate
Communications Division
State Capitol
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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For Immediate Release: May 12, 2009

Sen. Randy Brogdon
Sen. Randy Brogdon

Sen. Brogdon Denounces Venezuela’s Takeover of Tulsa-based Williams Facilities

State Sen. Randy Brogdon said he was extremely concerned about this week’s take over of Tulsa-based Williams Cos. Gas compression facilities by a Venezuelan government-controlled company. He also said there are direct parallels between that action and U.S. government bailouts and takeovers of American companies.

“Venezuela’s leader, Hugo Chavez, is a despotic dictator and an avowed enemy of America, and now he’s seized assets here in Oklahoma,” said Brogdon, R-Owasso. “People should be alarmed about what’s happening in our own state.”

But Brogdon said Oklahomans and citizens throughout the country should be concerned that their own government is moving to take over private businesses as well.

“People are beginning to realize that the federal bailouts and attempts to nationalize the auto industry, healthcare and our banks are detrimental to the free market economy.” Brogdon said. “The ramifications are more far-reaching than many people originally believed.”

Brogdon said that’s why he’s sponsored legislation to stop Washington D.C.’s power grab, and to prevent Congress from violating the 10th amendment and states’ rights. That legislation was approved by both the House and Senate, but was vetoed by Gov. Brad Henry.

“Any government that is big enough to give you all that you want is big enough to take away everything you have,” Brogdon said. “I am outraged that Chavez is taking over assets of a company in our state, but I am just as outraged that Washington insiders are trying to run Oklahoma’s businesses and our state budget. These are very real threats to our sovereignty and our freedoms.”

For more information contact:
Sen. Brogdon's Office - 405-521-5566

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