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Oklahoma State Senate
Senator Mike Morgan
president Pro Tempore
Senate District 21
Payne, Logan and Lincoln Counties

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For Immediate Release: May 7, 2008

Sen. Mike Morgan
Sen. Mike Morgan

Senate Votes to Send English Only Proposal to Vote of the People

The State Senate voted today in a bi-partisan fashion to send a measure to a vote of the people to declare English the official language of Oklahoma. If the measure receives final approval before the end of this legislative session, it will go on the Primary Election ballot in July or a Special Election ballot, whichever comes first.

“We understand that Oklahomans want the ability to vote to make English the official language of Oklahoma,” President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan said. “I am pleased with today’s vote that we will be able to give Oklahomans that choice as early as possible.”

Senator Morgan said the original language of Senate Bill 163 aimed to make English the official language of Oklahoma would have required Oklahoma voters to wait until the November General Election. He also said he had some concerns the original bill would not pass Constitutional muster and the measure would be thrown out in a court of law. Morgan said the new language of the bill helps to clarify some of those concerns.

“I am quite certain the supporters of this idea will be pleased that they will have the chance to vote on this measure, sooner rather than later,” Morgan concluded.

Morgan noted the bill to make English the official language of Oklahoma passed on a 25-23 vote with all 24 Democrats supporting the measure in addition to one Republican. All 23 “no” votes to make English the official language of Oklahoma were cast by Republicans.

For more information contact:
Senator Morgan's Office:  (405) 521-5695

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