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Oklahoma State Senate
Senator Patrick Anderson, R-Enid
(405) 521-5630

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For Immediate Release: April 15, 2008

Sen. Patrick Anderson
Sen. Patrick Anderson

Insurance Measures to Be Sent to Conference Committee


The State Senate took steps today that will send several insurance proposals to conference committee for further consideration. The move allows for more time to study the cost and effects of the proposed measures.

These various measures addressed reforming the State Medicaid program, requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for autism and requiring insurance companies to cover any procedure deemed to be medically necessary.

Senator Patrick Anderson noted how the Democrat authors of the measures had no information about the costs of their proposals. Therefore the measures will be sent to conference committee for further study in order to determine their actual costs.

Anderson provided all Senators with documentation showing that insurance costs for State agencies have risen 126% percent over the past five years. Recognizing the need to consider the real cost that this proposal would have to State agencies, Senator Patrick Anderson made the following statement:

“With it being a tight budget year, I believe it is vital that cost estimates be prepared regarding the true cost that these proposals will have on State agencies. I am also concerned that this proposal in its current form may result in a devastating cost increase to State retires and employees.

We need to research the impact this legislation will have on health care costs for our State agencies, retirees and our State employees. Now that the bill is headed to conference, we may continue this important discussion on these proposals and determine their actual costs. Republican lawmakers are very cautious about passing any additional health insurance mandates without first considering the costs to the State budget as well as the costs to the budgets of Oklahoma families.”

For more information contact:
Senator Anderson's Office:  (405) 521-5630

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