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Oklahoma State Senate

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For Immediate Release: April 11, 2008


Democratic Legislators to Give Update on Critical Reforms Aimed
at Helping Oklahoma Families

Healthcare, Insurance Reform, Education and Public Safety Legislation that has Stalled in Both Chambers Will be Discussed Including the Patient's Bill of Rights, Nick's Law, Steffanie's Law, and the OHLAP Enhancement Act

Democratic Legislators from across Oklahoma will be joined at a State Capitol Press Conference by advocates for health care and insurance reform on Monday, April 14th at 11 A.M. in Room 432-B to discuss the fate of several responsible measures that have been killed by Republican legislators paralyzed by the powerful insurance lobby.

Democratic members of the both the Senate and the House will also discuss responsible legislation killed this session that would help lower the cost of college for more Oklahoma families and important public safety measures that keep our children safe. They will also discuss strategies to resurrect measures that have been killed by Republican members of both the Senate and the House that are important to all Oklahomans.

For more information contact:
Amber England, Democratic Communications Director:  (405) 521-5695

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