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Oklahoma State Senate

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For Immediate Release: April 7, 2008

Sen. Andrew Rice
Sen. Andrew Rice joined by Rep. Scott Martin and Rep. Kris Steele, discusses Steffanie's Law
at a State Capitol Rally on Monday.

Statement by State Senator Andrew Rice (D-OKC), Senate Author of Steffanie’s Law, SB 1521

“The Oklahomans who demonstrated at the Capitol today are asking for fairness from insurance companies. They are demanding the right to act on the best advice of their physician when considering clinical trials as a way to improve their chance to live. I hope the Republican leadership in the State House of Representatives will hear their pleas and will at least allow a vote on Steffanie’s Law.

Steffanie Collings fought for her life with courage and dignity. Yet, because her family’s insurance company denied her coverage for routine medical care after she participated in clinical trials, her family now faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in past medical bills. This is not right and that’s why almost half the states already have laws or agreements similar to Steffanie’s Law and it’s why 31 bipartisan Oklahoma State Senators support this bill.”

Editor’s Note: The deadline to have Steffanie’s Law heard in Committee in the Oklahoma House of Representatives is April 10th.

For more information contact:
Senator Rice's Office:  (405) 521-5610

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