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Oklahoma State Senate
Senator Randy Bass
Senate District 32
Comanche County

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For Immediate Release: March 4, 2008

Sen. Randy Bass
Sen. Randy Bass

Senate Approves OHLAP Enhancement Act

Bass Bill Adds Cost of Books and Fees to Oklahoma's Promise Scholarship Initiative

A bill aimed at giving greater opportunities for Oklahoma's school children to realize their dream of a college education won approval from the full senate on Tuesday. The measure, called the OHLAP Enhancement Act, by Senator Randy Bass (D-Lawton) is part of the Senate Democratic "Vision for Oklahoma: Opportunity and Responsibility" 2008 legislative agenda.

"Oklahoma's Promise has proven to be one of the greatest investments we have made in the future of our state," Bass said. "It has increased the number of college graduates in our state, and made college more affordable to working and middle-class families in our state. But we can, and should do more."

Bass said the OHLAP Enhancement Act will boost Oklahoma's Promise by adding the cost of books and fees into the scholarship that currently only includes the cost of tuition for those Oklahoma students who make good grades and stay out of trouble.

"The students that have made the commitment to be personally responsible for their future by playing by the rules deserve the economic boost this bill will give them," the Senator said. "The cost of fees and books seem to rise each year, placing a hefty financial burden on those students who have earned an OHLAP scholarship. This bill will give those students the economic relief they need to continue their education."

Bass said that over the course of a lifetime a college graduate makes more than one million dollars in wages than those who complete only a high school diploma. He said increasing the number of college graduates in the state of Oklahoma will boost the overall wages of all Oklahomans and help attract better paying jobs for the hard-working citizens of the state.

"If our goal, and I believe it should be, is to increase the number of college graduates in this state, we must invest in our future and there is no better investment than helping make college a little more affordable to Oklahoma families," Bass said. "I know in a tight budget year it will be difficult to find the revenue to realize the full potential of OHLAP. But if our budget is a true reflection of our priorities it should include this important educational investment to help make a brighter future for all Oklahomans."

For more information contact:
Senator Bass' Office:  (405) 521-5567

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