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Oklahoma State Senate
Communications Division
State Capitol
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

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For Immediate Release: April 4, 2007

Senators Charles Wyrick and Ron Justice pose with state 4-H officers in the Senate lounge following the presentation of SR 25.
Senators Charles Wyrick and Ron Justice pose with state 4-H officers in the Senate lounge
following the presentation of SR 25.

Senate Celebrates 4-H Day at Capitol

The Senate passed Senate Resolution 25 Wednesday designating April 4, 2007 as "4-H Day" at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The resolution was authored by Senators Ron Justice and Charles Wyrick.

"This organization has always been a big part of my life and has a very special place in my heart," said Justice, R-Chickasha. "I really appreciate everyone who has come today to help educate others about the wonderful contributions that 4-H is making to our local communities and our state as a whole."

4-H is the largest youth organization in Oklahoma, serving nearly 150,000 youth between the ages of 5 and 19 through the fourfold development of the "Head, Heart, Hands, and Health" of every member.

"4-H is a tremendous program that has been bringing young people together for over 100 years to learn leadership, citizenship and life skills that will play a vital role in their success as adults," said Wyrick, D-Fairland.

Oklahoma's 4-H program has around 1,000 youth volunteers and 3,400 adult volunteers.

"The value of our 4-H volunteers' community service here in Oklahoma is estimated as a nearly $800,000 investment in the future - a future that we must all share," said Justice. "These are the kinds of things that we're hoping to open people's eyes to by having this special day at the Capitol. People misunderstand the organization thinking it's only about raising and showing farm animals, but it is so much more than that."

The organization, part of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service provided by Langston University and Oklahoma State University, is a program where youth learn together through various kinds of projects, events and activities.

"4-H Day is an effort to urge Oklahomans to take advantage of the opportunity to become more aware of this special program which gives youth the chance to learn together and on their own as part of the program," said Wyrick. "We also wanted to give people the opportunity to join us in recognizing the unique partnership between our country, state and federal governments along with our Land-Grant University System."

During the presentation of SR 25, an entourage of 4-H members was welcomed to the Senate floor. The entourage included, among others, Dr. Robert Whitson, Vice President, Dean and Director for the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University along with 4-H Northwest Vice-President Shelby Latta from Gage, Sarah Brockhaus, an Ambassador from Noble and Matt Taylor, an Ambassador from Ada. These three students were allowed to address the Senate and spoke on how 4-H has impacted their lives. Dr. Marvin Burns, the Vice President and Dean of the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at Langston led the Senate's opening prayer.

For more information contact:
Senator Justice's Office: (405) 521-5537
Senator Wyrick's Office: (405) 521-5561

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