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Oklahoma State Senate
Communications Division
State Capitol
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

For Immediate Release: February 8, 2007

Senator Brian Crain
Senator Brian Crain

Senate Committee Approves Legislation to Ban Forced Use of Microchips

In an effort to better protect Oklahoma workers, a Senate committee has given approval to a measure that would make it illegal for companies to require implanted microchips as a condition of employment. Senate Bill 47, by Sen. Brian Crain was approved by the Health and Human Resources Committee on Thursday.

“It might sound like science fiction, but the truth is the technology to implant microchips to track people is real, and it is being heavily marketed right now,” said Crain, R-Tulsa. “We just want to ensure that this will not become a mandatory condition of employment in Oklahoma.”

Under the proposed bill, anyone forcing employees to get microchips, also known as Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID devices, could face a fine of up to $10,000. Crain said the Wisconsin legislature passed a similar measure that went into effect in that state last year, with other states considering bans on mandatory implants as well.

“There’s a company called Verichip that is heavily marketing its microchip. One way they market it is ‘wander prevention’ for patients in long-term care facilities,” Crain said. “Some businesses might consider using it to determine which of their employees are in high security areas and then track their movements with the chip. If it is something an employee wanted to volunteer to do, that’s fine. I just don’t believe a person should be forced to have a device implanted under their skin.”

The measure now moves to the full Senate for a floor vote.

For more information contact:
Senator Crain's Office - (405) 521-5620

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