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Oklahoma State Senate
Senator Randy Bass
Senate District 32
Comanche County

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For Immediate Release: April 10, 2006

Senator Randy Bass
Senator Randy Bass

Legislation Authored by Senator Bass to Outlaw the Sale
of Cell Phone Records Wins Approval in the Senate

Calling it an outrageous invasion of privacy, Senator Randy Bass, a Democrat from Lawton, vowed to push for passage of a bill that would protect Oklahomans from this senseless act. Today a bill he authored to do just that won the approval of the full Senate. The Senator said House Bill 2903 now heads back to the House of Representatives for final passage and could be signed into law by Governor Henry in a matter of days.

“It is just plain wrong to allow private cell phone records to be sold with such ease and at very little cost,” the Senator said. “This outrageous practice is nothing more than an open invitation to prey on our most vulnerable citizens and it must stop.”

Bass explained currently there are no restrictions that would prevent someone from purchasing the cell phone records of other individuals – including lists of both incoming and outgoing calls, their duration and cost. He further explained these cell phone records are easily accessible on the Internet by a few simple clicks of a mouse, a cell phone number and less than $100.

“Invading someone’s privacy should not be that simple.” Bass said. “Nearly everyone has a cell phone, including many of our children. These companies are offering an open invitation to give stalkers and child molesters access to another part of our kids’ lives.”

Bass explained the passage of 2903 gives law enforcement another tool to fight identity theft.

“By making it illegal to purchase someone else’s cell phone records without their consent we are doing our part to create a safer Oklahoma,” Bass said.

The Lawton Democrat said HB 2903 that outlaws the sale of cell phone records is one of two bills he authored this session dealing with the issue of identity theft. Earlier this session, Senate Bill 1748, The Oklahoma Identity Theft Act, won approval of the full Senate, but has yet to be granted a hearing in the House of Representatives. He said that bill has the support of the AARP and is one of the toughest identity thefts measures in the country.

“The purchase of private cell phone records is just the latest tool that people could use to steal your identity,” Bass said. “Identity theft is a serious problem in Oklahoma. It can take months or even years to recover if someone steals your identity. It can ruin your credit and you will never completely overcome that sense personal violation.”

For more information contact:
Senator Bass' Office - (405) 521-5567