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Oklahoma State Senate
Senator Randy BAss
Senate District 32
Comanche County

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For Immediate Release: March 14, 2006

   Sen. Randy Bass

Senator Bass’ Comprehensive Identity Theft Bill Wins Approval in Senate

SB 1748 Outlaws the Sale of Cell Phone Records

Cell phone records and identities of all Oklahomans will be protected under a proposal by Senator Randy Bass, a Democrat from Lawton, which won the approval of the full senate today on a bi-partisan majority vote.

“Identity theft is a growing concern for all Oklahomans, especially among our greatest generation—our senior citizens,” Bass said. “The Oklahoma Identity Theft Protection Act ensures that we are doing everything we can to protect our families from this devastating crime.”

Bass said SB 1748 will prohibit the sale of cell phone records, allow Oklahoma consumers to freeze their credit if they fall victim to identity theft and requires criminals convicted of identity theft to be locked up behind bars where they belong.

“It is just plain wrong to allow private cell phone records to be sold with such ease and at very little cost,” the Senator said. “This outrageous practice is nothing more than an open invitation to prey on our most vulnerable citizens and it must stop.”

Bob Bristow, President of Oklahoma’s AARP, commended Senator Bass at the conclusion of today’s vote on the bill. He said while there are other identity theft bills still alive in the Legislature, SB 1748 by Bass is the most comprehensive measure. He said AARP strongly supports Bass’ Oklahoma Identity Theft Protection Act.

“We applaud Senator Bass for his work to stop identity theft in Oklahoma,” Bristow said. “Identity theft is a major concern for many Oklahoma consumers and, with the passage of SB 1748, we can ensure that no Oklahoman has to live in fear of this very sophisticated crime. Senator Bass’ Oklahoma Identity Theft Protection Act is among our top legislative priorities this session and its passage today is a great huge victory for not only members of Oklahoma’s AARP, but for every Oklahoma consumer.”

Bristow went on to say Bass’ identity theft bill is quite possibly the strongest identity theft bill in the country.

“Just this morning the national media is warning senior citizens of a scam that uses very deliberate tactics to steal the identity of people when they file their taxes this year,” Bristow noted. “This sort of scam is happening more and more often and that is why Senator Bass’ identity theft bill is so important in helping to create a safer Oklahoma for our citizens.”

The bill now goes to the House of Representatives for final passage.

“Protecting Oklahoma consumers should not be a partisan issue,” Bass said. “All Oklahomans deserve a bill that is tough on crime and smart for Oklahoma consumers. My bill goes to great lengths to keep cell phone records private and protect Oklahomans from the financial devastation that often comes with identity theft.”

For more information contact:
Senator Bass' Office - (405) 521-5567

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