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Oklahoma State Senate

Communications Division
State Capitol
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

For Immediate Release: February 16, 2005

President Pro Tem Cal Hobson

Hobson calls for even bigger investment in roads and bridges

“Governor Henry is right. We have tremendous transportation infrastructure needs in Oklahoma. I applaud his willingness to devote additional growth revenue in the next fiscal year to transportation issues, including the Heartland Flyer, but I think we need to do more.

“We’re going to make a record deposit in the Rainy Day Fund in June and expect to have another additional $200 million in FY 2005 revenue. As I told the members of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors on Tuesday, I think we need to consider investing that money into repairing our roads and bridges, as well.

“A $300 million investment would be a great start toward making Oklahoma’s roads and bridges safer.”

Note: Governor Brad Henry today announced that, when it meets next week, the State Board of Equalization is expected to increase the state revenue certification for Fiscal Year 2006 by $105 million. The governor proposed using the bulk of that money for transportation needs including road and bridge maintenance and funding for the Heartland Flyer.

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