Oklahoma State Senate
                       2017 Votes
The information shown on this page is provided for the benefit of the public and shows the results of roll call votes taken on the Senate floor with the use of the electronic voting machine.  It may not reflect other actions relating to roll call votes for which the voting machine is not used, such as a member taking his or her constitutional privilege not to vote on a measure, a member shown as a “no” vote if in the chamber and not voting, a member shown as “excused”, or the Lieutenant Governor exercising a casting vote.  Please consult the Senate Journal for official information on roll call votes and other actions taken by the Senate.
Date Measure Author Action Yeas Nays
2/16/2017      SB55 Sharp THIRD READING 45  0
2/16/2017      SB68 Bass THIRD READING 45  0
2/14/2017      SB117 Stanislawski THIRD READING 41  3
2/16/2017      SB230 Scott THIRD READING 45  0
2/16/2017      SB565 Newhouse THIRD READING 45  0
1/03/2017      ** 00003.pdf 44  0
2/14/2017      EXECNOM Loveless 00005.pdf 44  0