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This page contains information about Oklahoma's state budget. It summarizes the Oklahoma Legislature's appropriations process, capsulizes funding decisions made by lawmakers during recent years and provides historical information on budgets of agencies.


Overview of the Oklahoma Appropriations Process
This short discussion of the how the state's budget is developed is a helpful introduction to the information provided on these pages.

Organization of the Senate Appropriations Committee
The committee consists of eight subcommittees, each of which is responsible for deciding the budgets and/or policies of between six and thirty eight agencies. Agency assignments are decided by the Senate President Pro Tempore. The subcommittees are staffed by one or two fiscal analysts.

Membership of the Senate Appropriations Committee
Membership of the Committee is appointed by the Senate President Pro Tempore. The Appropriations chair and vice-chair are voting members of each subcommittee. By Senate Rule, the Majority Floor Leader and President Pro Tempore are ex-officio and voting members of all Senate committees.