Vo-Tech Education


The State Board of Vocational and Technical Education received $116.5 million, a $3.9 million increase over the FY'99 base appropriation. The increases in funding were for the following (HB 1510, HB 1565):

  • $1.8 million for employee training for existing industries;

  • $650,000 for enhancement of Comprehensive School Programs;

  • $200,000 for agency maintenance needs;

  • $277,000 for annualization of the state pay plan; and

  • $1 million in Rainy Day funds for disaster relief training programs.

  • HB 1513 authorized $1 million to be deposited into the newly created Support Personnel Flexible Benefit Revolving Fund to raise the benefit allowance to $1,805, which is 85.8% of the total health insurance premium

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