The Legislature authorized about $700,000 in funding for ongoing golf course operations at the new state golf courses scheduled to open in FY'99 and FY'00 at Roman Nose, Langley and Texoma. (HB 1540)

The Legislature appropriated $166,000 for a 10% law enforcement salary increase for the 55 Park Rangers at the Department of Tourism. (HB 1540)

Due to the delayed availability of the 1998 Bond Issue, the Legislature made $3.5 million available for Quartz Mountain Resort construction. The facility is scheduled to open in April 2000. (SB 187)

SB 316 allows the Department of Tourism to invest in Internet advertising. The revenues are generated from a 1-cent tax on restaurants and other entertainment businesses. Previously the revenues could be used only for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, billboard and direct mail.

The Legislature deposited $250,000 into a new Tourism Equipment Revolving Fund. The funds will provide an ongoing source of revenue for purchasing equipment for state parks. (HB 1021, HB 1540)

With a $4.1 million special appropriation to the Historical Society, construction will commence on the State History Center in FY'00. The museum and research center is scheduled to open in 2002 in the State Capitol complex. (SB 161)

SB 158 transfers $60,000 for the Centennial Commission from the Department of Central Services to the Oklahoma Historical Society. Further, $285,000 in Rainy Day funds were also made available for this effort. (HB 1565)


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