Tax Reform


HB 1003X, passed during a special session in February, changed the state's 7% gross production tax rate on oil production to a rate tied to the price of oil:

  • If oil sells for more than $17 per barrel, the rate remains at 7%.

  • If the price is $14 to $17, the rate drops to 4%.

  • If the price is less than $14 per barrel, the rate drops to 1%.

  • For tax purposes, the price of oil will be determined monthly by the Tax Commission, based upon data submitted by the three largest oil purchasers.

  • The tax on gas production remains at 7%.

HB 1003X also advanced the date of the gross production tax refund for "at risk" oil leases for production in calendar year 1998 from July 1, 1999, to April 1, 1999.

HB 1003X provides for the following allocation of the first $100 million of tax revenues (collected when oil prices reach $14/barrel):

  • 30% for higher education capital needs

  • 30% for tuition assistance

  • 30% for common education classroom technology

  • 5% for county road and bridge improvements

  • 5% for REAP.

SB 644 provides an income tax credit for restaurant operators who pay for Hepatitis A immunizations for employees.

HB 1347 allows a sales tax exemption for equipment and supplies used for food preparation to "Meals on Wheels," "Mobile Meals" or other organizations receiving funding for nutrition programs.


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