Motor Vehicle Taxes


HB 1305 modifies fees for citizens seeking access to records kept by the Department of Public Safety. The bill makes records available to various public entities at no charge, narrows application of certification fees for providing documents, and changes the fee for collision reports from $3 per page to $7 per report.

HB 1409 defines the terms "pickup" and "truck" for purposes of farm license plates to refer to vehicles designed primarily for carrying or hauling property, livestock or equipment, rather than people.

HB 1397 exempts nonprofit charitable organizations transferring vehicles to poor persons from paying current or past due registration fees, excise tax, title or transfer fees, and penalties and interest. The exemption is limited to vehicle transfers made to recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

HB 1734, a major overhaul of the state's motor vehicles tax system, was vetoed by Governor Frank Keating. The bill, which would have produced $53 million in future tax savings for Oklahomans, included the following reforms:

  • Changes registration fees from $15 plus a fee of 1.25% of the factory delivered price (discounted 10% each year) to:
    • $85 for years 1 through 5 of registration;
    • $45 for years 6 through 10 of registration;
    • $15 for years 11 and beyond.

  • Levies a vehicle excise tax of 4.5% of the actual sales price less the value of a vehicle traded in. Under current law, noncommercial motor vehicles are subject to 3.25% excise tax based on the total delivered price, discounted 35% each year. No adjustment is allowed for a trade-in.

  • Provides procedures for seizure of vehicles upon which excise tax is not paid;

  • Increases fine for obtaining out-of-state tag from $100 to $200;

  • Provides an amnesty period, from 7/1/99 through 9/30/99, during which penalties will be waived if a taxpayer voluntarily registers a motor vehicle and pays all excise taxes and registration fees due;

The Governor also vetoed SB 322, which modified HB 1734 by allowing the subtraction of the value of vehicles sold within 30 days prior to or after the purchase date of the vehicle upon which the excise tax is levied.


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