Mental Health and Substance Abuse


The Legislature approved legislation to downsize Eastern State Hospital in Vinita. SB 149 outlines a multi-year process for the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (DMHSAS) to downsize the 86-year-old hospital and provide more community-based mental health services in the region. Key components:

  • Provides $1.4 million in one-time funds to help build the community mental health infrastructure. (HB 1565)

  • Creates a Transition Oversight Panel comprised of consumers, advocates, family members and service providers. The panel will assist in designing a transition plan and community-based mental health infrastructure.

  • Requires a plan to be submitted to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee by January 1, 2000.

  • Directs the agency to redirect all savings from the downsizing of the hospital into community-based mental health services serving Eastern State Hospital clients.

  • Directs DMHSAS, with the advice of the panel, to design a new plan for funding community-based mental health services statewide. The legislation requires development of a formula-based allocation of funds, which places highest priority on serving clients with the greatest need (seriously mentally ill).

$500,000 was appropriated to replace one-time funds that support the Drug Court Program, which offers subsidized treatment for low-risk, drug-dependent offenders. Through DMHSAS, the program provides operating costs of 14 existing drug courts and may expand to seven more counties in FY'00. (SB187)

The Legislature provided an additional $100,000 to Mobile Outreach Crisis Services (MOCS) in Tulsa. The program provides case management, crisis services and medication to persons suffering from serious mental illness in the community. (HB1523)

The Legislature appropriated $100,000 to expand substance abuse treatment for drug court clients. (HB1523)


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