Legal Services


$180,000 was appropriated to provide full-year funding of the District Attorneys salary increase enacted by the 1997 Legislature, which became effective January 1999. DA's salaries were increased from $71,663 to $85,000. (HB 1550)

$185,838 was provided to fund a pay increase for 2-year Assistant DAs whose salaries are statutorily tied to DAs. (HB 1550)

The Legislature approved a $349,199 appropriation to the DA's Council to restore the 1.2% budget cut enacted mid-FY'99. (HB 1550)

A $1.9 million increase was appropriated to the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System (OIDS) to fund operations. The funds will allow OIDS to contract with private attorneys, investigators and expert witnesses necessary to provide adequate defense for indigent persons accused of crimes. A $1.3 million supplemental appropriation was also provided to OIDS to complete FY'99. (SB 161)

The Oklahoma Indigent Defense System (OIDS) received a $270,900 appropriations increase to boost salaries of 40 staff public defenders, who are paid an average of 26% less than Assistant District Attorneys. The funds will result in an average pay increase of 10.6% for OIDS defense attorneys. (HB 1550)


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