Law Enforcement


$4.5 million was appropriated for full-year funding of special pay raises enacted during the 1998 session for law enforcement officers effective January 1, 1999: (HB 1544)

  • $3.8 million to DPS for pay raises for 711 Highway Patrol Troopers, 100 dispatchers, 45 Lake Patrol officers and 53 Capitol Patrol officers. The employees received raises ranging from 27-60%.

  • $383,914 to the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) to fund a 34% pay increase for 57 agents.

  • $150,000 to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) for 130 agents and other employees.

  • $142,260 to the Board of Medicolegal Investigations for a 10% pay raise benefiting 35 professional staff.

  • $68,311 to the State Fire Marshal for pay raises to 25 agents averaging 15%.

Special pay increases were approved for law enforcement officers at other agencies for FY'00:

  • 39 agents of the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission will receive a pay increase of about 4% during FY'00 with a $45,636 appropriation by the Legislature. (HB 1544)

  • 6 investigators and licensing staff at the Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision were provided an average 10% pay increase. (HB 1579)

  • $40,000 was appropriated for a 10% salary increase for six commissioned law enforcement officers at the Agriculture Department. (HB 1534)

  • $166,000 was provided for a 10% law enforcement salary increase for 55 Park Rangers at the Department of Tourism. (HB 1540)

The Legislature approved $1.4 million to conduct a 72-cadet Highway Patrol Academy beginning February 2000. The new cadets will bring the uniform strength level to 775 Troopers, the optimal staffing requested by DPS. Trooper staffing levels are projected to grow 19% between FY'96-'00. (HB 1544)

$907,016 was provided for salary costs of 64 Highway Patrol Trooper cadets scheduled to graduate into the force during FY'00. (HB 1544)

$630,000 was appropriated to DPS to increase its contract for a statewide weather alert system. (HB 1571, SB 101)

$738,536 was approved to restore the 1.2% budget cut to DPS enacted in mid-FY'99. (HB 1544)

$72,844 was provided for DPS to hire 2 new Drivers License Examiners. (HB 1544)

$65,000 was appropriated for DPS' annual rent costs at the Burns Flat driver-training center, which is used to train law enforcement officers in pursuit techniques. (HB 1544)

SB 270 authorizes OSBI to lease-purchase a building for its headquarters in Oklahoma City. The building is expected to cost $4 million to $5 million. Lawmakers authorized OSBI to pay annual debt service from its revolving funds.

$15,000 was provided to OSBI for the celebration of the agency's 75th Anniversary during FY'00. (HB 1544)

The Legislature appropriated $59,450 to restore the 1.2% budget cut to BNDD enacted in mid-FY'99. (HB 1544)

The Legislature appropriated $500,000 to the Board of Medicolegal Investigations to begin capital improvements at the agency's Tulsa facility. Total project cost of $1.2 million was appropriated over three years. (HB 1565)

$42,660 was appropriated to restore the 1.2% budget cut to the Board of Medicolegal Investigations enacted in mid-FY'99. (HB 1544)


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