Higher Education


For FY'00 the State Regents for Higher Education received $771.5 million, a $14.3 million increase over the FY'99 funding amount. The increase in funds are as follows: (SB 150, HB 1565)

  • $12.6 million for operational priorities of the higher education institutions;


Appropriations to Higher Education


  • $1.6 million to fund the Oklahoma State University Agriculture Extension Program for program enhancement of the County Agricultural Extension Offices; and

  • $100,000 for full-year costs of the state pay plan for the State Regents Administrative Offices.

HB 1296 authorizes the Oklahoma State Regents to increase general enrollment fees (tuition) by a maximum of 8% at comprehensive universities and 7% at regional and two-year colleges. Professional programs (colleges of law, medicine, etc.) are authorized to increase tuition a maximum of 10%.


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