Conservation Commission


$500,000 was reappropriated to the Conservation Commission for the State Cost-Share Program. The program, initiated during FY'99, will match private funds invested for conservation projects across the state. (HB 1565)

The Legislature appropriated $66,000 to fund a per diem increase for the 440 Conservation District Directors throughout the state. The per diem rate increased from $15 to $25, the first increase in more than 20 years. (SB 136, SB 137)

A $75,000 Legislative appropriation to the Conservation Commission will allow 205 employees to receive the dependent health coverage allowance equal to other state employees. (SB 136, SB 137)

The Legislature appropriated $300,000 for the second year of the three-year Geographic Information System (GIS) digital orthophotography program, which involves the digitization and analysis of aerial photographs of Oklahoma. The resulting data will be used for industrial, environmental, conservation, educational, and community development purposes. (SB 161)


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