Common Education (K-12)


The Legislature appropriated an additional $63 million for common education for FY'00 above the FY'99 adjusted base, bringing total state support to $1.784 billion: (HB 1510, HB 1565)

  • $37.5 million for the State Aid Funding Formula to help meet operational increases due to increases in enrollment;

  • $2.5 million to annualize the FY'99 supplemental for the Employee Flexible Health Benefit Allowance;

  • $2.3 million to meet federal requirements for Adult Education, School Lunch Programs and Early Intervention;

  • $1.8 million for caseload increases for the Early Intervention Program. This program provides services to children under age 3 who were born with physical or cognitive disabilities.
K-12 Education Funding History


  • HB 1513 authorized $19.4 million to be deposited into the newly created Support Personnel Flexible Benefit Revolving Fund to raise the benefit allowance to $1,805, which is 85.8% of the total health insurance premium.

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