The Legislature provided $80,000 to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture (ODA) in response to the USDA-mandated Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) program. (HB 1534)

  • By January 2000, processors must have in place an USDA-approved food processing operational HACCP plan. Funds will help Oklahoma meat and poultry processors prepare for the deadline.

  • The new federal HACCP regulations impact between 75 and 100 jobs and more than 80 processing plants in Oklahoma.

The Legislature provided $150,000 to ODA for the Agriculture Enhancement and Diversification Program (HB 1197). The funds will implement a program to allocate grants and loans to individuals, cooperatives and other agricultural interest groups. The program will focus on new, expanded, or value-added uses of agricultural products. (HB 1534)

The Legislature appropriated $40,000 for a 10% salary increase for the commissioned law enforcement officers at ODA. (HB 1534)

The Legislature approved a $335,000 appropriation increase for animal damage control through ODA. The USDA estimates that predatory animals cause more than $3 million in crop and livestock losses annually in Oklahoma. (HB 1534)


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