SB 586 makes several changes to motor vehicle tag laws designed to enhance compliance with state law:

  • A driver's license may be denied an applicant who owns a vehicle not currently registered in Oklahoma, unless an affidavit of nonresidency is filed.

  • Vehicle inspection stickers may not be issued on vehicles not currently registered in Oklahoma, unless the vehicle is owned by a military family.

  • A violation of the out-of-state tag prohibition laws will be presumed to have occurred if the holder of an Oklahoma driver's license operates and owns a vehicle that is not currently registered in Oklahoma. An exception is provided for military families.

  • Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Division officers are authorized to issue citations to vehicles displaying illegal tags.

  • Vehicles may be registered as nonresident vehicles under rules by the Tax Commission and Department of Public Safety.

HB 1807 provides that probationary sales tax permits can not be used to obtain a commercial license tag. Also, the reduced excise tax rate of $10 for commercial vehicles would not apply to pickup trucks, vans or sport utility vehicles.


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