$350,000 in new funding was provided to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (DMHSAS) for psychotropic medications. Half this amount will be used specifically for "atypical anti-psychotic" medications for schizophrenic patients.

$450,000 was provided for domestic violence prevention programs. Of the amount, $335,000 will boost funding for programs statewide.

$474,500 was provided to Grand Lake CMHC for a northeast Oklahoma crisis center. Crisis centers provide short-term treatment designed to reduce admissions to state mental hospitals.

$100,000 was provided for the Mobile Outreach Crisis Service program in Tulsa. The 20% additional funding enhances mental illness intervention and prevention services.

$471,000 was provided for a variety of substance abuse services, including:

  • Instituting a chemical dependency fellowship program at OUHSC.

  • Initiating a program to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome.

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