$1.3 million was provided to the Office of Juvenile Affairs to expand by 33% the state's capacity for housing serious juvenile offenders. Included are funds for operating 80 beds in a private medium-security facility for violent juvenile offenders. The funds will also be used for renovating and operating 16 more secure beds at the Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center. In total, 96 medium secure beds were added to the existing 291-bed capacity.

$2.6 million was provided to operate 60 beds at a 3-month wilderness boot camp for juvenile offenders.

$1.9 million was appropriated to operate 60 beds at a 1-year wilderness boot camp.

$663,000 was provided to operate 40 beds at the Thunderbird Youth Academy for juvenile repeat property offenders.

$150,000 was appropriated to the Oklahoma Military Department to support general operations of the Thunderbird Youth Academy.

The Youthful Offender Act of 1994 (HB 2640) is slated to become effective January 1, 1998. The act provides a bridge between the juvenile justice system and the adult corrections system. Violent juveniles who would otherwise "age-out" of the juvenile system can be transferred to the prison system.


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