The State Regents for Higher Education were appropriated $693 million, which is $57 million or 9% above the FY'97 level.

Of the total, $37.9 million is for operation priorities of higher education institutions; faculty and staff salary increases; additional staffing; and library and laboratory equipment.

Scholarship programs were increased to allow greater access to higher education:

  • Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grants ($2 million).

  • National Guard Scholarships ($300,000).

  • Oklahoma Higher Learning Access ($250,000).

  • Regional Baccalaureate Scholarships ($300,000).


$5.3 million was appropriated for Section 13 Offset funding.

$4.9 million was appropriated for updating and expanding technology on higher education campuses.

The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) was appropriated a $3 million increase for continued support of the Centers for Excellence and Health Research. The funds increase research and development grants helping Oklahoma industry.

Beginning in FY'98, HB 1921 authorizes the Oklahoma State Regents to increase general enrollment fees by a maximum of 9% at comprehensive universities, 7% at regional and 5% at two-year colleges. Professional programs (colleges of law, medicine, etc.) are authorized to increase a maximum of 15%. These tuition increases are projected to generate an additional $15 million in revenue.


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